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Excel Communications is one of the most Successful Network Marketing companies of all time.

# Excel Communications was co-founded by Steve Smith and Kenny Troutt. It went on to become one of the most successful and celebrated developments in the MLM Industry. This record remains so even with as many companies that have launched in the time since Excel’s reign.

Steve Smith, a master marketing expert in the MLM industry, is known for his acumen and seasoned experience. As co-founder and CMO, he played a critical role in taking Excel Communications to the height of their business. He was pivotal in developing one of the largest organizations in the history of the industry. Steve’s well-executed field development theory drove the behavior of the distributors and helped Excel become the fastest growing business in U.S. history.


What is Excel Communications History?

Excel Communications was founded in 1988 as a long distance reseller in the US telecom sector at the birth of telecom deregulation. It began selling franchises using a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model, eventually selling over 200,000 of these franchises, or an average of 1 franchise for each 20 customers. In seven years, it became the fourth-largest long distance carrier in America and the youngest billion-dollar-annual company in history. It reached a billion dollars in revenue 9 years faster than Microsoft breaking records that seemed unheard of in the time of their rise. Excel was also the fourth largest long distance company in the United States. Many of the records set by Excel still stand today. On May 10, 1996, Excel became the youngest company ever to join the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), trading under the symbol (ECI).

Steve was instrumental in building the Excel organization into an industry giant. He was the first representative in Excel and was the marketing genius behind their network marketing program. The business, under his guidance, grew to approximately 2,000,000 representatives at its peak. He designed and deployed their lucrative compensation program and created thousands of millionaires. Steve was earning $1.2 million per month in Excel at the height of their 11-year, record-breaking industry reign.

The company went through a purchase in 2002 and at that time the direction for Excel Communications shifted. It is the opinion of several prominent authorities that if they would have stayed the MLM path they would have been one of the largest companies in history. When Steve Smith's model and plan was replaced with other directives, the company began a decline. Since that time, Steve Smith has developed track for others entering the Networking Marketing space. His methods remain the standard for hundreds of compensation models across the globe.

Following his time with Excel, Steve has continued as a professional in the field. Beyond some personal industry-driven ventures, he has successfully worked as a consultant to some of the most innovative companies in the market. Steve Smith spends a tremendous effort to help current-market MLM businesses reach their goals and grow their companies. His advice and direction has been invaluable in corporate offices and board rooms across the country and the world.